Term 3 Newsletter

New SPLASH Educators.

Splash has added to its Educator strength and has employed another two experienced Educators.

Vasantha Subramaniam and Anna Tapia. I hope you all make these two ladies feel welcome into our community.

Term 3 Program Information

“Weird and Wacky” This term focus topic is “weird and wacky”. Children are always curious and always looking to explore and discover new things. This is an opportunity for them to explore the natural world through hands-on science experiments. Hands on science experiments encourage children to question, discover new experiences as it stimulates children’s curiosity getting involved in planning, decision-making and implementing the experiment. If you aren’t already aware, there is a children’s program board provided in the splash hall, the children are given the opportunity to write on that board at any time. It is broken down into different parts:

  • Outdoor Play
  • Indoor Play
  • Food technology
  • Music and Movement

At the end of each week the educators correlate all the information that has been written on the board and we implement it.

We really need your help with the following items:

The educators at Splash have lots of creative craft ideas using sustainable materials. We will love to have you and your children support in collecting recycled material that could be used by children for a variety of purposes. For example, clean plastic lids, paper towel cylinders, buttons, wool, fabric, packaging materials, stamps, screws, bottle tops, natural materials etc. (For Health and Safety reasons, exclude toilet rolls and egg cartons)
That would be a great effort from you if you can help your child in the activity and make them understand about sustainability.

SPLASH Children have been granted a space in the Ashbury Community Garden

What a perfect opportunity for children to learn about nature and growing foods. There is nothing quite like the delight of growing your own vegetables.

The educational benefits and development of new skills and knowledge includes:

  • Responsibility – from caring for and tending plants.
  • Understanding – as they learn about cause and effect (for example, plants won’t thrive without water, weeds compete with plants etc).
  • Self-confidence – from achieving their goals and enjoying the food they have grown.
  • Love of nature – a chance to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place.
  • Reasoning and discovery – as they learn about science, botany, nutrition and simple construction.
  • Physical activity – that is fun and productive.
  • Cooperation – including shared play activity and teamwork.
  • Creativity – finding new and exciting ways to grow food.
  • Curiosity- about nature and the world around them.
  • Nutrition – learning about sources of fresh food. Healthy foods
  • Cooking – Preparing food, using utensils and the science of cooking

The service is always keen for families to share any ideas which can be included into our program, so please feel free to chat to Justina our Educational Leader or send us an email with your thoughts and ideas.

Information regarding activities for Term 3 Vacation Care:

Monday 1st October is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY and the Centre will be closed.

Monday the 8th October we have a Skate Boarding program, children will be provided with skateboards for the lesson but are welcome to bring their own boards if they wish.

Tuesday 9th Sydney Opera House Back Stage Tour and Wednesday 10th Giant Dwarf Theatre numbers will be capped at 60, if you wish your child/children to attend these activities you need to book early.

Our booking forms request families send daily to Vacation Care the following items:

  • A Hat
  • A Water Bottle
  • Morning Tea and Lunch
  • Appropriate Sun Smart Clothing

Many children arrive without one or many of these items every holiday. Can I please ask that you check your child’s bag daily to ensure these items are provided on all days your child is booked into the program.

Please also check the program daily to ensure you arrive at Splash Centre on or before the advertised departure times on excursion days.

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