Splash Vacation Care Learning Story 2018

Splash Vacation Care

Vacation care program offers a wide variety of exciting play based educational activities that keep the children interested and involved. Our qualified educators at Splash provide both structured and relaxed programs that consider the skills, interest and needs of the children and offer, a variety of arts, crafts, cooking, indoor and outdoor play as well as many special excursions outside the Centre.

It is a program that primary aged children (5-12 years) enjoy spending their days with us where they are treated to a variety of activities, including excursions. Many activities present valuable lifelong learning opportunities, particularly enhancing your child’s social and communication skills as they learn through play.

Our centre program is based on the seven areas identified under the National Quality Framework:

  • Educational Program and practice
  • Children’s Health and practice
  • Staffing arrangements
  • Relationships with children
  • Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  • Governance and leadership

The program incorporates fun play, leisure and learning activities with children being able to participate in a combination of supervised and structured learning activities. Children are always given the opportunity to rotate through activity stations in accordance with their individual preferences, social interactions and their support needs.

Educators take every opportunity to discuss program content with all children, both before, after and during each vacation care session. This is much like an office debrief, educators are conscious that all children need to be active in decision making in regard to the program being inclusive of all children and their interest.

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