Providing Quality Before and After School Care

Dear Parents and Friends of Splash,

Our current lease agreement with the Department of Education was due for renewal in June 2019. The Department of Education presented to the Splash Committee in early July 2019 the new 3-year lease agreement. The new lease agreement has seen the Department increase our rent by 83% with no prior advice.

We have been advised that a new scale was introduced in 2015 a year after our previous lease was signed. The Department has highlighted that the fee increase covers the increasing cost of utilities such as water, gas and electricity and also a new calculation of space ratio for each individual child.

The service has also seen a reduction in numbers of children attending our After-School Program and Vacation Care in 2019. Educator’s wages increase yearly under the Children Services Award and all these factors combined have resulted in Splash having to increase fees to our Before and After School program from Term 4, 2019.

The service has not increased Before and After School fees since January 2017.

Moving forward, fees will be increased each October in line with CPI, this will ensure the service does not incur a negative balance at the end of each financial year.

Splash Centre staff pride themselves on the outstanding service they provide. Much thought has gone into the new fee structure to ensure ongoing service excellence, whilst also maintaining affordability for families.

Permanent Bookings Current NEW Term 4, 2019
Morning Care $12 $14
Afternoon Care $18 $20


Casual Bookings Current NEW Term 4, 2019
Morning Care $14 $16
Afternoon Care $19 $22

If you have any concerns or questions about the fees for 2019, please feel free to contact Michael Dawson, Splash President at or Marcelle Carbon Splash Centre Manager at

You are also welcome to discuss fee increases at our AGM on Monday 23rd September 2019


Michael Dawson

Splash Presidient

34-76 Trevenar St

Ashbury, NSW 2131

T: 02 9797 8854



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