Custody of Children

Parents/guardians must provide to the Centre Manager a copy of court orders in relation to any custody orders so staff are aware of provisions that need to be adhered to. Copies of these documents will be kept locked in the children’s files.

Day Book

The “day Book” is a summary of the daily activities at the service; displaying photos, craft and comments made by children and staff. The day book is updated at the end of each day. Parents are encouraged to view the day book.


During Before and After School Care sessions, children are free to complete homework.

One on one tutoring is NOT provided. Please be aware that Homework is seen as an opportunity for parents to have 1:1 time with their children whilst gaining insight into their school progress.

Children we will have access with Educator supervision to use the school library as a quiet area to complete their homework tasks.

Lost Property

A lost property basket is available at the services; any lost property will be placed in the basket provided. Please make sure items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name. Staff are not responsible for property lost at school.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not permitted at the services. Any mobile phones found will be confiscated and given to parents/guardians upon their arrival. If you wish to talk to your child, please contact the centre directly.

Toys from Home

Parents are requested to keep children’s personal toys at home. Loss of personal items causes great distress for children. The Centre Manager/Responsible Person on duty will remove and keep home toys in a safe place for delivery to parents on arrival. Services are supplied with safe equipment that meets the Australian standards.

Other Information

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