Procedures & Handbook

Signing in & out

Children MUST be signed into Before School Care and signed out of After School Care with the correct time by an authorised person. Signing your child in and out of the service is an important process. The sign in and out sheets form the basis for the following:

  • Roll Call
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Child Care Management System (CCMS)

Although the service does not support persons under 18 years of age to picking up a child from the service, this can only be done with written permission from authorised parents/carers who have completed the enrolment form.

 Dropping off

Before school commences at 7am. Parents/Carers must accompany the child into the service and follow the sign in procedure. Children attending St Francis Xavier are walked to school at 8.30am. Ashbury Public school children will be able to play in the playground at 8.30am when a teacher will be on duty.

 Collection of children

 Children will not be permitted to leave the service in the company of an unauthorised person. Parents/Carers must provide written permission for unauthorised persons to collect their child/children.

St Francis Xavier children are required to assemble in the covered area of the playground at 3.10 sharp. Kindergarten children will be collected from the classrooms by Splash Educators.

Ashbury Public school children will also be collected from their class room by Splash Educators.

In the event a child is not collected by 6.00pm and staff have made every effort to contact parents/cares and in turn no contact has been made to the service from the parents/carers of the child/children they will taken to Ashfield Police Station, Liverpool Rd Ashfield and left in their care. Ashfield Police 9797 4399

Notification of Child/children being Absent from Splash

 It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Splash Centre Manager by 2pm if their child/children will be absent for any reason. Parents/carers can call the service on 9797 8854, if the phone is unattended a voice mail message can be left and the Centre Manager will return your call. Alternatively an email can be sent to  advising your child/children’s absence from the service and the Centre Manager will confirm by return email.

Change of Bookings

  • Two (2) weeks’ notice in writing is required for changes or cancellations to are required to be made to permanent bookings.
  • Splash requires parents/guardians to complete a Notification to alter care arrangements Form which is available at this site under the forms tab, is required to be handed or emailed to Splash Centre Manager.