Absences from Care

Any absences or sick days must be paid for, however if a doctor’s certificate is presented to the Centre Manager notifying of an illness that prevents the child/children from attending for more than two consecutive days, a credit can be made to the account.

Splash will only charge 50% of fees if you are removing your child/children for a holiday period.

Two weeks notification in writing is required to be given to the Centre Manager.

CCMS (Child Care Management System)

With the introduction of the Child Care Management System the Federal Government has awarded 42 days allowable absences from care where child care benefit is claimable. After 42 days absences have been taken during the financial year all other absence days must be approved absences to collect Child Care Benefit. All allowable absences must be taken before an approved absence is available. Parents are advised that full fees are payable when all allowable absences have been used and no documentation is provided to support an approved absence from care.