Behaviour Management

Splash Centre behaviour management policy is based on guidance, positive reinforcement and redirection.

Splash believes children have the right to feel safe- physically and psychologically- and rules/guidelines and routines give children a sense of belonging. Guiding discipline is built on respect for children as people. We aim to guide rather than control the behaviour of children in our care. We believe learning to behave is a developmental task like any other, although it is far more complex, than any other skill a child will learn.

Mistakes are just an opportunity to teach a child more skilful behaviour.

In our program we strive to:

  • Reinforce positive behaviour
  • Be consistent
  • Have clearly established expectations
  • Use ongoing discussion and review to ensure rules/behaviour guidelines are well known and understood by children, parents/guardians and staff.

In our program we expect that children and staff will mutually:

  • Respect each other
  • Respect the property of other people, the centre and Ashbury Public School
  • Accept and respect individual needs and differences
  • Promote a friendly and harmonious environment.

Splash also promotes Ashbury Public School rules, which are to:

  • Respect others
  • Be safe
  • Speak and listen politely
  • Do your best
  • Respect the environment

At Splash it is not acceptable to:

  • Physically fight (play or real)
  • Use inappropriate language (swear words), tease or verbally harass others.

Behaviour Guidance Procedure

  1. The service Educators will discourage negative behaviour in the first instance and remind children of the rules and guidelines. If this is not successful we:
  2. The service Educators will give a second and final reminder and outline the consequences if the unacceptable behaviour is not modified. If this is not successful we:
  3. Place the child in time out.
  4. An Educator will discuss the behaviour with the child and what steps can be taken to overcome the problem and assist the child to take responsibility for their behaviour, the child should complete a Behaviour Management form where unacceptable behaviour occurred. If this is not successful we:
  5. Continue time out or set an appropriate task. A discussion is held with the child’s parents/guardians when the child is collected.

If unacceptable behaviour continues, a meeting with the Centre Manger, child and parents/guardians is arranged. This meeting is used to discuss further approaches, the child’s life outside the centre, and any problems that may be causing the behaviour.  A mutual strategy for improving behaviour is devised and implemented. If the unacceptable behaviour cannot be modified, or it endangers the safety and wellbeing of others, exclusion from Splash may occur.