Please contact the service direct via phone on 9797 8854 or email for queries, advising of absences or changes to bookings.

Service Information

Information such as fee statements, newsletters, surveys and other general service news and information will be emailed to families.

Parent Communication Diary

The Parent Communication Diary, available at the services sign in desk, is used for parents and guardians to record changes of bookings and absences or any other relevant information parents may wish to include in relation to their child.

Suggestion Box

A Suggestion Box is available at the service. We encourage parents to use the suggestion box for:

  1. Programming ideas
  2. Feedback
  3. Comments and Suggestions

The Suggestion Box is checked weekly. Information is recorded and implemented into the program where possible.


Newsletters will be provided via email each Term to all parents listing information on the service and Splash Centre news.

This can include:

  1. Policy and Procedures Upcoming Events
  2. OH & S Community Information
  3. Health Children’s Daily Activities