The Splash Centre maintains a complaints and grievance management system to ensure that all Staff, families and communities members know that complaints and girevances will be taken seriously and investigated promptly and fairly. Complaints and grievances will be investigated and docmented in a timely manner.  We will identify complaints and grievances as opportunites to improve the quality of our service.

  • The service supports an individual’s right to complain and will help them to make their complaints clear and try to resolve them.
  • All confidential conversations with individuals who have a complaint or grievance will take place in a quiet place away from children, other parents or staff not involved.
  • If an individual has a complaint or comment about the service, they will be encouraged to talk to the Centre Manager who will arrange a time to discuss their concern and come to a resolution to address the issue.
  • If the complaint is not handled at this level to the satisfaction of the person making the complaint they should discuss the issue with the Chairperson or liaison person of the Management, either in writing or verbally.
  • The Management will discuss the issue with the Centre Manager and develop a strategy for resolving the problem, this would be discussed further with the individual, or if necessary a meeting will be organised with the Centre Manager and individual to resolve the problem.
  • All complaints will be recorded and dated indicating the issue of concern and how it was resolved. All information on complaints and grievances will include evidence that complaints are investigated within satisfactory timeframes and have led to amendments to policies and procedures where required.
  • The Centre Manager or Management will inform the person making the complaint of what has been decided regarding the issue. Staff will also be informed of any relevant issues that they need to address or be aware of.
  • If any complaint cannot be resolved internally to the person’s satisfaction, external options will be offered such as an unbiased third party.