Extra-Curricular Activies

Children from Ashbury Public school who are enrolled in Splash Out of School Hours Care service and who are involved in extra-curricular activities offered on school grounds. e.g  Band, Chess, Private music tuition, PSSA,  which are all activities that  run parallel to the operations of the Splash Out of School Hours Care Service.

Parents/Guardians wanting their children to participate in these Extra-Curricular activities at Ashbury Public school are requested to complete the SPLASH Notification of attendance at Extra Curricular Activity – on School Grounds which can be obtained at the sign in desk or on the services web site.

Children walking to SPLASH of their own accord, after attending an extra-curricular, must be authorised to do so by their parents and will be signed in by a staff member upon their arrival.

Children walking to extra-curricular activities after the commencement of SPLASH care and not returning to care before the services closure must be signed out by a responsible adult of the nominated activity the child/children are attending.